Uses Of Ejecting Mass (W Key)

Argio game has become a hot issue that caught the attention of netizens, especially online players! It is a massively multiplayer browser game which is considered as a new phenomenon or a new “virus” that can get people addicted easily! Actually, the players live with it, all the time! Since the game has such a nice gameplay, various modes, as well as awesome features, surely we can’t ignore every single detail in the Argio, right? One of the most outstanding characteristics that you will never want to miss while traveling around the maps to hunt for the targets is ejecting mass, using key W. In fact, this action has some of the benefits which will be described in this article, so stay tuned and follow us to find out now!

Advantages when ejecting mass by using key W

Releasing viruses via foe blobs: When you eject the mass that can cause a virus to be attacked like 7 times, a new virus will be come out when performing the final hit. With the assistance of this characteristic, you can totally take control of that throwing virus via the adversaries to make it blow up. After that, you can go hunt and catch for the smaller blobs, however, you should be aware of the possible dangers right behind your back.

Teasing the diminutive blobs: You can use the ejecting mass as a seductive bait to get those smaller preys enticed. You are able to release some mass via the targets to obtain its attraction, but this happens only when you are large enough and totally can chase a smaller one. If that little cell gets avaricious, it will probably absorb this bait, which gives you a chance to capture it effortlessly. However, if you get oversized, and you want to come after a large target, you need to eject more masses, around 5 or 6 times so that you can catch it easily.

Increasing speed: According to the in-game rule, the small blobs are not able to move more quickly than the large blobs. Ejecting mass can totally help you escape from the bigger blob chasing you without ceasing! Try to eject them as soon as possible, and then you will become faster once again, which help you run away from them easily.

Creating an alliance: Making a new alliance with the in-game players can help you guys gain mutual benefits! You and your friends will help each other whenever you guys are in danger. In fact, to create an alliance, you usually send one mass to him first, which means you are open to him and want to make an alliance with him. If he sends the mass right back to you, it means he already accepts to be your alley. Nevertheless, do not jump to a conclusion that he is such a nice ally, and you can totally lay all your belief on him! Never see it that way! You must remember that trusting a person is so fragile, especially in such a competitive game like Argio! Therefore, don’t totally trust him, he might cheat you!

Grow up again after detonation: When seeing your blob blowing into pieces after being attacked by a virus, you need to protect your blobs from the chasing of other foes no matter what. And then, try to combine and match your blobs into one again. You can do this if you eject your mass via the largest blob’s run away. Staying around the corner is a good way for ejecting the masses into the corner so that no one can absorb you.

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