Strategies To Grow Instantly When You Are Small

Here, you can find the best Argio game’s strategies to grow instantly when you are small easily!
As soon as you enter this wonderful Argio game, you will be only one tiny cell. To become larger, you must absorb the pellets constantly. It will help you increase the size more. However, this action should be used strategically to bring the better result. For many players, this stage may be very boring because you are just allowed to see others fight, split, attack and make friends, etc. But you can grow faster and enjoy Argio online if you follow these guides:Strategies To Grow Instantly When You Are Small

1. Move very quickly and act carefully:

To survive and grow in Argio game, you should be alert every enemy. From the starting, you need to run as fast as you can. This action will help you eat more and avoid the bigger cells. Because you are too small, the speed will play an important role for this stage. If you don’t crash into them, you can’t be swallowed.

2. Consume a lot of colored pellets as possible:

When you are still weak, you’d better focus on searching and absorbing the nutrient. Try to look at the Argio online’s map and follow the place where has many groups of pellets. If you can eat the whole of a chain of them, it would be a big advantage. But you should not take it too serious because it may cause many dangerous situations. The others in Argio game can see you, approach and attack you. This time, you can be killed. So, observe before go in your way. Keep your cell safe until it gets 200 mass!

3. Be careful! Don’t split too early!

When seeing other players in Argio game who have the smaller size, you may want to do something to absorb them such as splitting. But you can make a mistake. It’s too soon for you to do that! In every situation, you should be very patient. You will not lose everything you used to try to gain. Surely, you don’t split when you are little. Just concentrate your work and feed your cell as right now.

4. The virus is useful for your tiny cell!

In the Argio game’s map, you can sometimes meet the virus. They are green with spikes around. They can be very dangerous for the huge blobs. But for you, a weak cell, it’s very friendly. In case you are chased, you can use it as a shield, a safe shelter to escape the attack or hide the opponent. But remember that they only allow those who are less than 130. With this size, you can pass or do everything without being exploded. Let’s evade until the enemy goes away!

You can practice these tips for Argio online after reading this article. Hope you enjoyed! Good luck!

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