Spawners And Argio Experiments

Now, come here to find out the new features in Argio game. They are Spawners and Argio experiments.

In Argio game, there are many dangers for your cell such as Mother Cell or Dark Viruses. Until now, the developer still strives to make something new. Here, in this article, you can see this in the official change log document.

In Experimental Mode of Argio game, Spawners will launch some food for cells. And when you throw mass into the virus, it will push the cell instead of making it exploded.

Spawners And Argio Experiments

Experimental is the new mode added to Argio game on June 11, 2015, after FFA and Teams. Once you accept to play with this mode, you agree with exploring new features and mechanics along with the “experimental” rules. You can learn about these rules as the following information:

• First of all, the rule we will learn is the Spawners. It’s very exciting and has many new features.
Spawners have the same shape as the viruses you sometimes see in Argio online game. They also have the spikes along with the crimson color. You can find them only in the Experimental Mode. They have the function to its name. It can spawn small colored pellets periodically. It’s similar to Mother Cell; the mechanics are removed before. So, you can move around them to collect these pellets. But, others also want this. Try to avoid these enemies not to be attacked.

Spawners And Argio Experiments

Spawners in Argio game are bigger than normal viruses. It has the same size with 240 mass cells. If you are about 300, you can absorb them. However, a 160 mass cell or less can be swallowed by them. When being eaten like that, the mass will be turned into pellets and launched around the Spawner. Not only that, Spawner is more dangerous than viruses. Spawner can absorb the virus.

If you try to shoot a mass into a Spawner, it can spawn much more food. It means that it will release as same as what it takes.

• Secondly, we want to talk about throwing the mass at the viruses in Argio online. Shall it push the cells instead of split them?

As you know before, when you feed a virus in Argio game seven times, you will have a new virus and this virus will make other opponents exploded, right? But in this situation, the virus will only move in the opposite direction, and you will have not anything happen. I mean you have no a new virus. It is the rule that the developer experimented. They may add this feature to our Argio game later.
These two rules were added to Experimental Mode. Let’s play Argio online and explore them after closing this post!

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