How To Communicate With Others In Argio

It will be so much fun if you can make new relationships with other players in Argio game online. Recently, this massively multiplayer browser game has become a hot issue on the Internet when there were already millions of people going crazy because of its unique gameplay and awesome features. Throughout 8 servers located in some big areas, making new friends will be much easier than we thought!

Thanks to some functions and features in the game, like make a new alliance, or teams mode, the chance of talking to other players in the same map is very high and totally possible to fulfill! In fact, starting a conversation with the players probably will bring both advantages and disadvantages. This could be because Argio game is very competitive; we totally have no idea what the opponents think and what they are going to do. Therefore, you need to learn some basic tips that might help you figure out the purpose of those rivals.

How to start a conversation with the players in Argio game

The only way for you to talk to other players in the same map is to eject your mass, using key W. This feature will help you convey your message to other people. It’s totally easy to fulfill, right? However, ejecting mass also requires your tactics and strategies, or your wisdom, because you are always in danger when there are tons of giant blobs, bigger blobs surrounding you. The mass of your blob is very significant, and if you make a wrong choice, your game might end easily. In addition, when someone starts sending their mass to you, you need to keep in mind that they must have prepared something to do with you, like they wanted to tell you something for example.How To Communicate With Others In Argio

Be watchful! That is a sign showing that they want your cooperation to help them get that target, or move it away, or something like that. To make you trust their frankness, they usually send their mass to you first and crave for your help. If you think you can totally trust him or her, and you can understand their good purpose, then you will have to send your mass back, which is a signal saying that “I’ll help you, let’s cooperate each other, mate”, and then we have a new relationship with that buddy, right? But the first thing you need to consider is that belief in yourself! You need to think carefully if you should cooperate with them or not, then respond to their willingness by ejecting your mass, which is also a way to talk to them.

You need to remember that the blobs in Argio game always have nicknames. If you intend to trick or harm the other players, you will be accused of harming them on the forums or any communities that have tons of players of Argio game. And of course, you are not able to utilize that nickname anymore.
Bear in mind that you need to use your conciousness to figure out if you have any advantages to make a new alliance with that player or not. And plus, you have to trust yourself so that you can lay that belief on the one who already sent their masses to you. Don’t be double-sided! If you try to harm or cheat on them, they will do this dirty work to you as well. Now, let’s join Argio game and good luck!

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