Create/join party Argio game

Create a party

  1. Choose “Party” mode in the Mode Option.How to create/join party Agario game
  2. Next, you need to select “Create” to make a new Party for your own.2
  3. After creating, you will receive a link code party. Ex:
  4. Send this code to your friends. You only share the last letters of this link except For example, the link you get is “” => you just give to them #YVQ96
  5. Finally, you can start to play the game as normal (Play as guest or Login and play)

Join to party

  1. You will have to select “Party” in the Mode Option.How to create/join party Agario game
  2. Then, you will click “Join” to take part in any party you want.How to create/join party Agario game
  3. Enter the code party that you have got from your friend or somebody.How to create/join party Agario game
  4. Now, you can play Agario game with Party Mode as usual (Play as guest or Login and play).

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