Play Agario Unblocked

Although Agario has become so much popular all over the world with various websites for playing, this fun-addicting browser game is still banned at some sites! Imagine the feeling being unable to play your favorite game! It is so irked and unacceptable, right? Sometimes you probably will get irritated, particularly when you are not capable of handling that issue. What can you do to overcome that problem? Besides making some Google searches on the Internet, with the hope of finding something new, something possible to help you play Agario at blocked sites? Despite having so many sites as well as servers at some big locations, there are still some places that Agario can’t be played. Now, we are here and willing to bring you some good tips that can help you play Agario game at banned sites. This will be a big help when you want to explore the game at schools, offices or any public zones.161215

Students at school need to stay focused on their study, lessons, and other education activities, and the workers need to concentrate on their works. Those are main reason that Agario game is prohibited to play at school or at work done by administrators. However, there is still hope to rescue your day at school and office when you are not allowed to enjoy the game you like. Check out some basic tutorials below here so that you can access to the blocked sites and freely play Agario game. It’s very easy and understandable to fulfill. Stick with us and find out what you need to do!

Tips to play Agario unblocked

1. Change to HTTPS

If the official site of Agario game ( was already blocked at schools and the offices, then typing your current browser is the initial thing that you must do, like this This solution will help you enjoy the game easily. Remember that your game can get slower with this method. But at least you should try!

2. Edit the hosts file (highly recommend this method)

With this solution, you need to check out an awesome setting file called “hosts” in your computer at this location:


Click to open this file, then try to add 3 lines, such as:

There you go! Two methods above are very simple for you to follow. Therefore, you can choose one of them then you can freely play Agario unblocked!

3. Translate Tool



The third method that can help you play Agario unblocked is to utilize a translate tool. Now, let’s go to, and then, type the word in the left bar, and a similar text will turn up on the right side. After that, you need to click the word appearing on the right, and then you can start your game. This method will help you play Agario via the layer of Google Translate.

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