Advantages To Have An Ally In Argio

Nowadays, playing Argio has become more and more popular and seemingly, this phenomenon never wants to stop getting the players addicted. The game has attracted millions of players all over the world via 8 servers located in some big areas. That’s why the map you are playing is always filled with players and colorful blobs. Isn’t a great chance to create new relationships with other players? This is also a good feature in Argio game, which can help you become the number 1 on the leaderboard faster. You need to begin making an alliance, cooperate with them and try to help each other when being at risk. Actually, to do this, you need to check out some tactics that can bring you more benefits when cooperating with your buddies!

Benefits of making an alliance in Argio game

I need to absorb this blob: If a foe blob which is bigger than you comes after you in order to eat you up, you need to release a signal to your ally saying that you need to get larger so that you can totally eat that enemy back. Now, your ally will send his masses to you, and then you get bigger and start to chase that target back. This is such a great alliance, right?

Clean me up: If your main cell is divided into smaller parts for assaulting someone or getting attacked by a virus, it will be very dangerous when you move around in various parts like that. This could be because you are smaller, and you can be a tasty meal of other players. Now, all you need to do is to merge all those smaller blobs into your ally so that you can remove this threat and your ally will be able to feed you with lots of amount of mass; then you can increase your size once again.

Let’s go get this guy: Usually, the allies will stick together and stay around so that they can cooperate well. Together with your ally, you can totally trap a smaller blob via the corners or a virus.

Together, we can totally get bounty easily: You guys can totally wait for the foes to turn up nearby a virus. And then, you and your ally can attack a virus up to 7 times then make it Boom! After the explosion, you just need to grab the bounty and give it to your ally.

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